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Our Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops centred on team development, manager development, culture, and the 'people stuff' (or human resources). 

Contact us to discuss your specific business goals and needs and for further information and pricing.

Training course


Co-creation - guided by your needs

We have a discussion about what your needs are, both in relation to people and your business goals. 

We can then suggest options or create a bespoke workshop based on those needs, goals, desires.


New manager training

We often promote people without providing the support needed in their transition to people management. This series is designed to bring current thinking, research and practice to each session. We encourage your people to integrate this with your internal policies and procedures.


Topics include 

  • Transitioning from individual contributor to manager.

  • Feedback.

  • Managing change.

  • Delegating.

  • Managing for Performance.

This can include coaching packages to support the application of the learning. Select the topics needed, or run the full program over an extended period. 

Image by Jason Goodman


Ignition sessions

Image by Jason Goodman

We can run Ignition workshops (sometimes referenced as lunch and learns), for 30 to 90 minutes.   

Topics include:

  • Change management.

  • DISC.

  • Feedback.

Connect with us for a chat about what your needs are, and we can suggest options or create what you are needing for your people and your business.


Leadership and Team Development

Bespoke programs developed to your needs or select and tailor one of our existing programs:

  • People Management (ideal for those new to this)

  • Leading through Change (leaders and teams)

  • Workplace Wellbeing

  • Creating a High Performing Team

  • Team Development

Contact us for more information on other programs. 

Staff Meeting

In person, online and hybrid

A recent hybrid event, using technology to increase inclusion

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