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What other people say about our people


Volunteer Group President

Senior HR Manager

She "is a valuable, insightful HR professional, team player and leader. [Her] extensive knowledge goes far beyond any structured approach of human resource management and organisational development.Her ability to plan, administer, delegate and motivate are highly valued as is her ability to work through the issues and to reach resolution and consensus.I have seen her plan and emcee a 2 day conference with masterful public speaking skills and held that large diversified audience in her hand throughout the duration. Discretion and ethics are upheld by her at all times and her ability to balance the needs of the organisation and the desire for change whilst respecting people is refreshing and rewarding for all stakeholders. [She] adopts a firm but friendly approach as she maintains the highest standards of excellence in meeting the needs of the organisation and the needs of the people to meet the organisations objectives. [She] has a head for business and a heart for people. They say you should never work with children or animals, well she has done that and then some. Few people have the skills and ability that [she] has and fewer have the capacity to cover such a wide span of control and do it so well for the benefit of the organisation and its customers. To sum up .......I would say she is pragmatic, principled and people focused to build, strengthen and progress the organisation that is fortunate enough to engage her skill and abilities."

"Desleigh is an experienced senior HR generalist who has remained in my professional network since we worked together ....... She readily builds relationships at all levels of an organisation. Desleigh combines this with her ability to analyse situations to bring pragmatic, well thought through solutions and strategies to the array of HR matters impacting organisations today."

Sales Representative

"a very approachable and extemely professional colleague that you could trust 100% to give you accurate, level-headed and constructive feedback on any HR-related situation. She was a pleasure to interact with on a professional basis, was a valued member of the HR/Training team ..... and has a great sense of humour!"


"Some of [her] achievements .... included

  • Overhaul of existing people related policies ensuring that [she] engaged with [business managers] and sought feedback.

  • Identification of the need for policy development

  • Supporting multiple sites with HR advice, including during two site closures where there was no industrial action as a result of the closure;

  • Development of an enterprise agreement into plain English with clauses to meet needs, negotiation of the agreement and implementation of the approved agreement."


"Desleigh brings a balanced perspective to the debate, well supported by experience, knowledge and sense of humour. Well able to support the business managers at the corporate level."

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