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We offer individual and team-based DISC reports, debriefs and workshops centred on your needs. DISC can help us understand our own communication styles and needs, and those of others. Doing a team based DISC workshop can support the team unpack challenges ion communication and get on track in how they can improve the way they work together. 

Contact us to discuss your specific business goals and needs and for further information and pricing.

Colleagues Working Together


Co-creation - guided by your needs

We have a discussion about what your needs are, both in relation to people and your business goals. 

We can then suggest and discuss options based on those needs, goals, desires.


Individual report

We can support you with a report on your style and preferences, and tailor a debriefing session to your needs. Gain insights into your preferred styles and how to engage best with people with other styles. 



Team reports

Image by Jason Goodman

We can support you and your team with individual reports, as well as mapping of team styles. A picture can say a thousand words when we see our various styles mapped. Imagine then spending time to understand all the styles in the team and what works (or doesn't) for each.


Leadership and Team Development

Using DISC, we can create a program for you, supporting the team to work through current challenges, prepare for upcoming projects, and so much more.

Team of Industrial Engineers

In person, online and hybrid

A recent hybrid event, using technology to increase inclusion

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