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Human Resources (HR) Consulting

We offer a variety of ways to support your business on the 'people stuff' (or human resources). 

Contact us to discuss your specific business goals and needs and for further information and pricing.

Job interview


Consulting time

We have a discussion about what your needs are, both in relation to people and your business goals. 

We can then suggest options or select from:

  • Packages of 5- or 10-hours consulting time

  • Half day and Full day rates

  • 'Pay as you need'
    (for ongoing work after one of the above)


Fractional work

A Fractional Chief People Officer, or Human Resources Business Partner, brings a high level skill set to your business. 

Fractional HR means:

  • Embedded in your team.

  • Ongoing or fixed term.

  • Part time (1-2 days per week).

  • Working on BAU, projects, within the team

It is perfect for those businesses that do not yet need a full-time person and want someone to be a team member not a consultant working on a project.

Consultant at work


Psychosocial Risk Management

Group therapy

With a background in insurance, safety, and human resources, we have the skills to guide you and your team through Psychosocial Hazard identification, consultation with your people, and the creation of a bespoke solution designed with and for your organisation.


Project work

We can support your team by working and collaborating with them on specific project work. 

Examples include:

  • Talent Acquisition

  • Strategy Development

  • Workplace Culture initiatives 

Young Businesswomen
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