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What We Do

People Matter offer business and leadership coaching, team development workshops, support for your culture and wellbeing initiatives, onsite and virtual HR service support, interim support, or fractional HR.


We also offer support and guidance in a broad range of HR processes. Our experience ranges from establishing systems, processes and policies that suit your business to re-engineering and everything in between.   


We support people achieve their goals through leadership and business coaching. Coaching is also perfect for those seeking to improve their self-leadership. Coaching encourages you to think more expansively and look at situations and yourself in ways that may be new. Our role as coach is to empower you to develop your own insights, not provide advice. Book a Connection Call to see if we're a good style match! If not, we can share tips on ensuring you are able to find a coach who has the right qualifications.

Healthy Workplace Relationships (conflict resolution) 

Using our combination of training and skills, we are able to support the development of good workplace relationships and/or help team members work through structured conflict resolution processes.

Generalist People Stuff (aka Human Resources) 

You may be in the situation where you are not yet able to afford a dedicated HR person; or your HR person is going on short term leave and you need someone to hold the fort. We can work with you to establish/ formalise your people practices area or provide onsite support for business as usual. 

We are able to provide training and coaching to your people leaders in all facets of the 'people stuff', tailored in accordance with your policies and practices.

Alternatively, you may need support on a key project - we can be that resource for you.

Workplace culture and team development

Workplaces can be complex, even when they are small. We create bespoke initiatives, or tailor our existing programs if that is your preference, to support you to take your business to the next level. It may be wellbeing related, to help retain your team, or culture related. 


We have an interest in and deep knowledge of the complexities of organisational life through experience in People and Culture roles within organisations.


As a trained workplace mediator, we are also able to support you through facilitated conversations to help improve the team focus on business and working together collaboratively. Our relaxed, open style of communication supports people to have open honest conversations and work towards resolving any differences and understanding one another's communication preferences. 

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