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What We Do

People Matter offer independent workplace investigations, onsite and virtual HR service support, interim support and people related audits (Fair Work, Awards, employment related). We also offer support and guidance in a broad range of HR processes. Our experience ranges from establishing systems, processes and policies that suit your business to re-engineering and everything in between.   

Generalist People Stuff (aka Human Resources) 

You may be in the situation where you are not yet able to afford a dedicated HR person; or your HR person is going on short term leave and you need someone to hold the fort. We can work with you to establish/ formalise your people practices area or provide onsite support for business as usual. 

We are able to provide training and coaching to your people leaders in all facets of the 'people stuff', tailored in accordance with your policies and practices.

Alternatively, you may need support on a key project - we can be that resource for you.

Workplace Investigations

When you need an independent investigation undertaken, we can support you. It is unfortunate, but we have a great deal of experience in this area. We are able to conduct your investigation ensuring dignity, equity and fairness is kept in the fore. After all, it is quite possible that your team member may need to return to the workplace.    

Workplace mediation

What happens when you have more than one person in an organisation?

Conflicts can happen. Misunderstandings can happen. Falling out can happen.


As a trained workplace mediator, we are able to support you through facilitated conversations to help you get your people refocused on business and working together again. Our relaxed, open style of communication supports people to have open honest conversations and work towards resolving their differences. 

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