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  • Desleigh White

Treat your people like dogs

"Treat your people like dogs"

That is possibly my favourite phrase from all the workshops I have ever run. It was ~15 years ago and I still remember it.

I literally told a group of managers to treat their team members like dogs.

By way of background, I had leaned into my intuition and done an exercise with them first, so I was using what they had shared about how they treat dogs vs how they treated people (not in those words, but I am not giving away all my IP!). Their words were insightful to say the least.

Some of them thrived in the session and in following months and years. Some did not love that workshop in that moment.

They all walked away with a 'People Treat Bag' - some coffee vouchers, chocolates, thank you vouchers for time off - you get the picture. They also walked away with the book I randomly picked up earlier this week - Whale Done, the #FridayFunny post last week.

Many people I know want to be reincarnated (if there is such a thing) as my dogs - here they are living their best life 😃

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